Minor Home Repair Program


CCBF offers this program to Senior homeowners in the Carondelet neighborhood to respond to code violations and basic repair work needed, including interior and exterior repairs, basic plumbing and electrical, and basic accessibility including grab bars, handrails, etc.

     The Repair Process
  • Contact CCBF with your repair needs

  • Qualify for the Home Repair Program

  • Eligibility intake performed at CCBF

  • Scope of Work Performed at Home

  • Bid out contractors

  • Homeowner contract signing

  • Repair is scheduled

  • Repair performed by contractor orCCBF In-house repair team.

  • Homeowner signs off on satisfaction of project.

CCBF has funding sources in place for the substantial home repair program

      Basic Eligibility Requirements:

  • Senior Citizen, 62+ years of age, special needs or low income

  • Resident of 63111, 63116, 63118

  • Must own and reside in the home

  • Must be current on Real Estate taxes

  • All household members will attend intake

  • 2 years of Income Tax Returns required at intake

You may also qualify for the

city of St. Louis

Healthy Home Repair Program, administered by the

Community Development Administration (CDA)

We are currently accepting applications for home repairs.  

Please contact Kelly Wamhoff or George Kindler or call 314-752-6339 for an eligibility quiz and to schedule an intake.